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Program Chairperson-Environmental and Sanitary Engineering
3D Printing Laboratory Specialist
School Nurse
CNC Gantry Room Laboratory Specialist
Faculty Member-Senior High School
School Physician
Guidance Counselor - T.I.P. Manila
Metal Fabrication Laboratory Specialist
Electronic PCB Fabrication Laboratory Specialist
Laboratory Technician
Accounting Staff

Program Chairperson-Environmental and Sanitary Engineering

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Posting date: Mar 20, 2017 until Jun 30, 2017

  • Leads the department in developing and implementing immediate and long-range departmental goals and objectives (in concert with faculty input) to meet University and college goals and objectives;
  • Leads the department in coordinating the development of a yearly plan of course offerings, including the development of the annual course (teaching) schedule for each faculty member, based on the academic needs of students and in consultation with the faculty;
  • Leads the department in coordinating the development and enhancement of departmental curricula and initiatives for the improvement of instruction;
  • Encourages and assists faculty to improve professionally through study, research, creative activity, service and participation in professional activities;
  • Leads the department in promoting inter-departmental cooperation and interdisciplinary initiatives;
  • Coordinates activities within the department that go beyond the delivery of instruction, such as assessment, writing, critical thinking and diversity initiatives;
  • Participates in college and university deliberations and contributes to policy formation in his/her role as faculty;
  • Coordinates and supervises departmental advisement, registration, and other retention initiatives in collaboration with the faculty;
  • In consultation with the faculty recommends the appointment of departmental graduate coordinators to the College Dean and supervises their activities;
  • Forwards departmental recommendations to the Dean for hiring full-time, part-time and adjunct faculty;
  • Oversees the maintenance of accurate and up-to-date faculty and student records;
  • Prepares reports in cooperation with the department faculty, including the annual departmental report, as requested by the President or his/her designees, and appropriate outside agencies;
  • Supervises the resolution of student grievances and grade appeals, following established departmental, college, and University-wide procedures;
  • Convenes department meetings on a regular basis (approximately once a month during the academic year);


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